Evaluation of the Coffee Brewer

Roast coffee contains a range of chemical substances, which are extracted when it comes into contact with water. Only about 30% can be extracted under normal conditions. This extract constitutes the colour, aroma, taste and body of the coffee.

ECBC’ s Certification Programme

ECBC evaluates coffee-brewing devices for the coffee industry, based on the brewing parameters outlined below. In its role as an independent testing authority, ECBC will analyse the data obtained from detailed examination of a brewer’s operating performance criteria and report the results to its manufacturer. ECBC will also recommend modifications that can enhance the brewer’s performance, if appropriate.

Units that meet ECBC’s standards for certification will receive a «Seal of Approval» that indicates their exemplary performance. Manufacturers that choose to use the ECBC «Seal of Approval» will be able to license its use through the association’s office and affix them to individual brewers.

If you wish to participate in ECBC’s Coffee Brewing Certification Programme, please send us a request to have the Pre-Certification Agreement mailed to you. Once ECBC has received a signed copy of the agreement, the licensing testing fee, and two (2) samples or prototypes of the coffee brewer to be tested, we will begin our evaluation process. We will make every attempt to complete the evaluation in a reasonable length of time.

If the two (2) brewers pass the tests, ECBC will ask the producer to submit another three (3) brewers for testing.

Brewer manufacturers may be asked to submit up to 10 individual brewers for testing.