ECBC’s Certification Programme

ECBC evaluates coffee-brewing devices for the coffee industry, based on the brewing parameters outlined below.

In its role as an independent testing authority, ECBC will analyse the data obtained from detailed examination of a brewer’s operating performance criteria and report the results to its manufacturer.

approvedECBC will also recommend modifications that can enhance the brewer’s performance, if appropriate. Units that meet ECBC’s standards for certification will receive a “Seal of Approval” that indicates their exemplary performance. Manufacturers that choose to use the ECBC “Seal of Approval” will be able to license its use through the association’s office and affix them to individual brewers.

 If you wish to participate in ECBC’s Coffee Brewing Certification Programme, please send us a request to have the Pre-Certification Agreement mailed to you. Once ECBC has received a signed copy of the agreement, the licensing testing fee, and two (2) samples or prototypes of the coffee brewer to be tested, we will begin our evaluation process. We will make every attempt to complete the evaluation in a reasonable length of time.

Brewing coffee depends not only on roast, ground coffee and water, but also on the equipment, which ensures that the water extracts the coffee optimally. The construction of such brewing equipment is thus of greatest significance.

Godkjent-2011-outlined-1A7-Gjeldende-2011Norwegian Coffee Association (NCA) was established in 1962. The organisation promotes coffee as a quality product, and since its start NCA has focused on quality standards for coffee and coffee brewing.

In 1975 NCA established its coffee laboratory European Coffee Brewing Centre (then called Kaffe Tilberednings Senteret, KTS). This laboratory is carrying out evaluations of coffee brewers based on the standards from the studies of the Coffee Brewing Center of the Pan American Coffee Bureau. Until 1991 our laboratory received funds from the International Coffee Organisation.

In 1997 SCAA – Specialty Coffee Association of America introduced their coffee brewer certification programme. Consequently, now we are two organisations co-operating on a coffee brewer programme based on the same criteria. The certification programme is designed to develop precise standards for brewer evaluation. By doing so, it will promote a clear understanding of the factors that influence the ultimate quality of the coffee beverage. The standards serve as a basis for communication among coffee suppliers, brewing-equipment manufacturers, filter manufacturers and most importantly the end users at both home and catering locations.

The programme is designed to evaluate, recognise and promote those coffee brewer models that have the capability of delivering an outstanding coffee beverage to the consumer. The programme is voluntary. Any manufacturer may submit any brewer for evaluation.

ECBC reserves the rights to publish at any time a list of those brewers bearing the Seal of Approval.

Our Certification Programme has been highly successful. More than 90% of the Norwegian catering trade and more than 50% of the households have purchased brewers meeting our certification standards. Since the start of ECBC in 1975 we have achieved to maintain high coffee consumption per capita, among the highest in the world.